The Panama News blog links, September 28, 2015


The Panama News blog links, September 28, 2015

BBC, Panama murder rate drops

Fayetteville Observer, Soldier accused in Panama killing in court

The Barrel, LNG industry doesn’t much care about canal expansion woes

Reuters, ACP sells bonds in a tough market

Port Technology, Delays rock Nicaragua Canal build

AFP, HKND: Canal de Nicaragua pasará por lago Cocibolca

PR, Copa begins daily Panama City-San Francisco flights

Xinhua, Panama to host cycling tour in October

Sounders FC, Torres knee surgery goes well

Caribbean News Now!, Trinidad court postpones Warner extradition decision

Baker, The corporate crime epidemic

Harten, Porterfield & Gallagher, Investment provisions in trade treaties

NASA, Evidence that liquid water flows on today’s Mars

Video, Limpieza de la playa en Palenque

STRI, Panama designates two new marine protected areas

Solar Thermal Magazine: A tidal energy fence for Bristol, UK, An adventure tourism spin on Coiba

Video, Whale watching in Panama

McLaughlin, The big secret that makes the FBI’s anti-encryption campaign a big lie

Soros, Rebuilding the asylum system

Corbyn, The kind of society we want

Daily Kos, The white supremacy chic in today’s GOP

Abdul-Jabbar, Ignorance vs. reason in the War on Education

Reich, The tide is beginning to turn

La Razón, Jimmy Carter exhorta a Chile a dialogar ‘de buena fe’ con Bolivia

La Prensa (Nicaragua), Ortega escondió invasión de tierras a Miskitos

Reuters, Venezuela and Guyana restore ambassadors to calm border dispute

Verdad Abierta, Urabá: escéptica ante los anuncios desde La Habana

Carlsen: Government lies, human bonfires and the search for truth about Ayotzinapa

EFE, Izquierda latinoamericana discutirá en Quito sobre democracias en revolución

Feffer, Whatever happened to Brazil?

TheStreet, Deutsche Bank fears Petrobras will poison US junk bond market

The Gleaner, Jamaican impact noted in Panama Canal Museum

Video, Lord Kitty — Rum

Barbados Today, Migration to Panama ‘captured’ on camera

Beluche, Retienen ilegalmente a 10 estudiantes de secundaria

Video, Panameños piden acelerar investigaciones contra Martinelli


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