The Panama News blog links, October 13, 2015


The Panama News blog links, October 13, 2015

Ship & Bunker, Panama Canal mulls legal action over construction troubles

Ramos, La verdad sobre las filtraciones en el Canal

American Journal of Transportation, New PanCanal tonnage record

Stuff, New route from New Zealand to North America and Euope via Panama

CorpWatch, Nicaragua Grand Canal project hits obstacles

AFP, Ricardo Martinelli compara acusaciones en su contra con una violación

Reuters, Panamá pide que Interpol ubique al ex presidente Martinelli

Slate, Utley suspended for slide that broke Tejada’s leg, Mexico set for victory lap in Panama friendly

Daily Express, Soca Warriors edge Panama in friendly

MLS Soccer, Jaime Penedo’s regrets

Photo, Panama’s young surfers — Go Kai!

Reuters, Panama slips into deflation

Vida del Copy, Así será la Linea 3 del Metro

TVN, Estacionamiento: Cámara de Comercio cuestiona nueva ley

ICTSD, WTO rules for Panama in financial services dispute with Argentina

AP, Panama building saga offers insight into Trump practices

Reuters, Panama bonds road show

US DOJ, Cash wash charges against Hondurans includes company in Panama

STRI, El Niño tests coral survival limits

US News & World Report, Homosexuality gene?

Science World Report, Lianas may strangle tropical forests’ carbon storage

Video, BBC’s Edward Snowden interview

Castro, ¿Es el “progresismo” un fenómeno cíclico?

Serrano, Brazil’s sudden neoliberal U-turn

Oppenheimer, The demographic revolution in Latin America

Ben-Ami, AIPAC in decline

Muchhala, UN moves toward rules for nations’ debt restructuring

The PC Graveyard, Wikileaks: only 5 of 29 TPP chapters about trade

St. John, World Court accepts jurisdiction in Bolivia-Chile dispute

Detroit Free Press, Activist Grace Lee Boggs dies at 100

El Universal, Mexican-Americans despise Mexico

Willies, Epic intra-Republican fight on Meet the Press

El Confidencial, El autoexilio de Miguel Bosé a Panamá

Simpson, Golpe al turismo en Kuna Yala

Video, Panama parade in Brooklyn

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