The Panama News blog links, October 18, 2015


The Panama News blog links, October 18, 2015

PBS, PanCanal expansion set off an environmental fight in Florida

Petroleumworld, Can the Panama Canal fulfill its global LNG promise?

MarineLink, Tokyo MOU welcomes Peru and Panama

Reuters, How the doomed El Faro met its end

JMDeportes, Panamá campeón en béisbol sub-14 panamericano

FourFourTwo, Mexico 1 – Panama 0 in soccer friendly

Video, Panama drag racing

Prensa Latina, Cancelan en Panamá concesiones hidroeléctricas

E&N, Fusión AB Inbev – SAB Miller crearía gigante cervecero de Centroamérica

Euromoney, Panama moves against illicit finance

PR, AIG sells Central American assets to ASSA

Xinhua, Economía de Panamá crece 5,8% en segundo trimestre 2015

Baker, Donald Trump’s tax plan ridiculed but the TPP deal gets a pass

Weisbrot, Lessons for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

ICIJ, How a World Bank translator became a hunted man

Kapur, Escape from the World Bank

Rights and Resources Intitiative, Who owns the world’s land?

Video, How coral reefs spawn

Khor, Antibiotic resistance: a global plan at last

Mongabay, Frozen methane deposits off the US Pacific coast might be melting

The Intercept, The drone papers

Newsweek, Former CIA interrogator forced out of college post

ThinkProgress, Amazing moments from Fox News’s fake CIA “terrorism expert”

The Intercept, Snowden says Hillary’s statements show a lack of political courage

Bloomberg, Insurrection erupts at the Democratic National Committee

Time, Democratic debate transcript

Video, The Empire Files debates the debate

Caribbean News Now!, Cuban continues to hold graffiti artist

Carlsen: Ayotzinapa, state violence and terror

ADITAL, Acuerdo de paz en Colombia divide opiniones sobre castigo a criminales

Prensa Latina, Accusations against Uribe keep piling up

BBC, Colombia: ‘Crime drops’ after Venezuela border operation

EFE, Muere en operativo militar cabecilla del Clan Úsuga

Video, Coiba

Presidencia, Varela impulsa Coiba como destino de turismo verde

Xinhua, Defensa considera nula acusación contra Martinelli

Video, Martinelli faces 21 years for espionage

Espinosa, El desmoronamiento político y moral de la sociedad panameña

La Estrella, Liberación de institutores transcurre entre el desasosiego y la alegría

The New York Times, Panama’s Laquita Mitchell et al with the NY Philharmonic

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