The Panama News blog links, October 6, 2015


The Panama News blog links, October 6, 2015

ABC News, Former Panamanian President Eric Delvalle dies

JOC, Panamanian ports eye more transshipment

El Confidencial, Sacyr explique

Global Trade, NWP sea ice still too thick for regular shipping

The Guardian, Chinese mogul behind Nicaragua canal lost 85% of his fortune

International Policy Digest, A Man, A Plan, A Fraud…Panama!

Straits Times, China’s Latin America plans derailed?

AFP, Colombia oferta bloques petroleros en zonas en disputa con Nicaragua

Reuters, Colombia y Panamá extienden negociación sobre información financiera

Chicago Tribune, Brazil’s currency plunge has Panama looking for Cuban tourists

EFE, Huawei abre en Panamá su sexto centro de distribución del mundo

AzerNews, Azerbaijan desirable partner for investments in Panama

SeeNews Renewables, SkyPower plans billion-dollar solar investment in Panama

Canadian Mining Journal, First Quantum cuts costs at Cobre Panama

Chiriqui Chatter, US Social Security beneficiaries need to prove they are alive

STRI, Colorful caterpillar chemists may signal new useful plant compounds

Science 2.0, Ancient flea bacteria may be the ancestor of bubonic plague

Smithsonian, How nature inspired Nobel Prize winners to fight parasites

Geekwhisperer, The shootings are not senseless

Maurer, High Hitler

Via Campesina, ¿El Tratado de semillas como herramienta de biopiratería?

The Guardian, Facebook to beam to remote African regions by satellite

The Independent, TPP threatens Internet freedom

Stiglitz & Hersh, The TPP free trade charade

New Republic, WikiLeaks just exposed a TiSA treaty detail

SwissLeaks Reviewed, Developing countries the biggest victims

Taibbi, Wells Fargo’s master spin job

Keller, Finger on the grenade

RAWA, A nurse’s tale of the Kunduz hospital bombing

ADITAL, 40 años de la Operación Cóndor

The New Yorker, The pointless cowardice of John Boehner

Video, Bernie Sanders’s anti-establishment wave

Miami Herald, Clinton draws early support but also ambivalence

i24news, Trump: arm teachers to stop school shootings

Futbol Centroamérica, Jaime Penedo rompe el silencio

Examiner, Canada beats Panama in Olympic men’s soccer qualifying

The Ring, Anselmo Moreno proves he belongs

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