The Panama News blog links, November 19, 2015


The Panama News blog links, November 19, 2015

Prensa Latina, Uncertain opening date of Panama Canal expansion

Hellenic Shipping News, AMP strengthens Panama ship registry

Financial Express, Panama ratifies WTO’s trade facilitation pact

E&N, Metro de Panamá rompe todas las previsiones

The New York Times, Liberty Global to buy Cable & Wireless

ANP, APEDE instan a mesa de diálogo sobre los fondos de pensiones

The Hill, Obama’s trade deal is in trouble

Eyes on Trade, TPP financial stability threats unveiled

TeleSur, WikiLeaks alleges massive US government fraud scandal

CCR, False claims lawsuit against Inchcape for inflated costs here and elsewhere

The Costa Rica Star, Costa Rica 2 – Panama 1

The Gleaner, Reggae Boyz lose 2-0 against Panama in semi-final round opener

ANP, Visita de fanáticos costarricenses de fútbol aportará $5 millones a Panamá

TeleSur, UN highlights Panama’s gender inequalities

Chiriqui Chatter, Elimination of visa page inserts for US passports

Los Emanuelsson, Cárcel para periodista que reveló la corrupción en Honduras

Weisbrot, Washington seeks Venezuela election observers that it can influence

WOLA, Congress changing Obama’s Central America aid request

Video, Santos convinced he has support for a FARC deal

El País, Costa Rica faces Cuban migrant crisis

STRI, Will lionfish cross the Panama Canal?

Slate, The most intense El Niño ever observed

The Guardian, FDA approves gene-spliced salmon to be raised in Boquete

The Scientist, Fighting chytrid fungus

Brin: After Paris, can we be both safe and free?

Nye, Gate A-4

Greenwald, Exploiting emotions about Paris to blame Snowden

Boff, Hospitality is everybody’s right and duty

Simian, Cowards

Sachs, Ending blowback terrorism

Michigan Radio, Dearborn mourns local people killed in Beirut attacks

Caribbean News Now!, Trinidad may block return of ISIS fighters

Vintage video, Not in my name

Blades, Reflexiones en torno a los atentados en París

Gandásegui, Panamá y la guerra en el desierto de Siria

Vintage video, The Immigrants

WDAM, Southern Mississippi partners with Panama for billingual ed

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