The Panama News blog links, November 24, 2015


The Panama News blog links, November 24, 2015

Hellenic Shipping News, PanCanal wait time shortens to four days

JOC, Panama to learn in December whether canal opening stays on schedule

Forbes, The potential impact of the Panama Canal expansion on Union Pacific

ANP, Cámara del Comercio sobre el uso de fondos del canal

AFP, Key Nicaragua canal work due late in 2016

WBN, Jones wins heavyweight debut

Sports Illustrated, Rod Carew on his private life and his heart attack

Fahie, FIFA’s gamble

ANP, Copa Airlines ya cuenta con una flota de 100 aviones

Budapest Business Journal, Hungary bans Panama-based Goldstein Equitas

PR, $7 million US penalty for IHAG Zurich in part for Panama money laundering

Chiriquí Natural, Protestas ciudadanas contra hidroléctricas

The San Diego Union Tribune, Death penalty not sought in Bocas del Toro slaying

ComPlex, “Adorable drug kingpin’s” dad is a DEA agent in Panama

Las Vegas Sun, Vegas murder suspect busted in Panama

Levinthal, Liberal “dark money” group rails against “dark money”

Think Progress, Trump tweeted bogus murder stats from a neo-nazi

The Guardian, Pollard freed after 30 years but still a thorn in US-Israeli ties

Washington Post, Uncle Sam may pull passports over back taxes

QCostaRica, The business of moving Cuban migrants

EFE, Iglesia católica aboga por corredor humanitario para cubanos

BBC, More Mexican migrants leaving USA than arriving

Huffington Post, The Democrats who voted to block Syrian refugees

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Panama – Israel free trade pact

Video, The most brazen corporate power grab in American history

Dayen, “Free trade” trumps the environment in WTO ruling on tuna labels

Alaska Public Media, Costco won’t sell genetically engineered salmon “at this time”

Video, Scintillant Hummingbirds

Mongabay, Biologists may have a way to rid amphibian-killing fungus in the wild

EurekAlert!, Polarization vision gives fiddler crabs the edge in detecting rivals

STRI, A new field guide to tropical vines

Popular Mechanics, Army ants’ bridge building techniques

Deutsche Welle, A tour guide to a world changed by climate

Ecologist, Solar islands replace nuclear power in Japan

AFP, Audubon Panama: Climate change is affecting bird migration

AFP, Panama turtle eggs could “fry” from rising temperatures

Video, Flooding on the road into Boquete

Klein, What’s really at stake at the Paris climate conference

Martinez & Rooney, Focusing on Latin America is essential in 2016

Colombia Reports, Santos pardons 30 convicted FARC guerrillas

Sader, La derecha vuelve al gobierno en Argentina

EFE, Mujica teme por la “estabilidad institucional” de Argentina

Video, Laura Carlsen on Operation Condor

Simpson, Analizando el tema de ISIS

Parry, Tangled threads of US false narratives

Frankel, The Trouble with international policy coordination

Eyes on Trade, Initial analysis of key TPP chapters (PDF)

Yeldan, From G20 to Labor20

Video, Chombo pa’ la Tienda

TVN, Rubén Blades triunfa en los Latin Grammy

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