The Panama News blog links, December 14, 2015


The Panama News blog links, December 14, 2015

Arghiris, Leaking locks disrupt Panama Canal expansion

MarineLink, Panama Canal sill reinforcement to finish in January

La Estrella, El registro de naves disminuye

Aviation Tribune, Copa adds flights to Belize

America’s Best Racing, Clasico del Caribe horse races

Video, Clásico Internacional del Caribe

Prensa Latina, Panama seeks 2022 Central American – Caribbean Games

ESPN, Concepción gets rematch with Márquez

WBA, WBA Panama convention agenda

Soccer America, US under-20 women rout Panama 6-1

Reuters, US investigation of broadcasters in widening FIFA case

Fresh Plaza, Panama improves potato and carrot production

ANP, Precio mundial golpea a productores de palma de aceite en Panamá

Rodríguez Reyes, Poder económico en Panamá

Reuters, Jailed former Odebrecht CEO formally steps down

Ashby, Trade efficiency and security at odds on US-Mexican border

AP, Panama’s ex-president found in contempt in spying probe

E&N, Martinelli cuarto en la lista de corruptos mundiales de TI

AFP, Panama jungle island is nerve center for climate researchers

STRI, Smithsonian – IADB tool to help with land use decisions

WHO, World malaria report 2015 (PDF)

Adapt, Whales born before ‘Moby Dick’ in 1851 still cruising the ocean today

Monbiot, Grand promises of Paris climate deal undermined

Pskowski, Protesters at the close of the Paris talks

AITEC, Polluters’ paradise

AP, South American hackers attack journalists and dissidents

CPI, The financial titans behind anti-Hillary ads

USA Today, What the Planned Parenthood gunman says

The Guardian, Met blasts Donald Trump for ‘London police in fear’ claim

Kiriakou, An incompetent FBI dropped the ball on Syed Farook

Nye, Can cyber warfare be deterred?

Wallach, The WTO order on meat labels and the TPP

Stiglitz, When inequality kills

Baruh & Salazar: What lies ahead for Venezuela, Guyana, and the Caribbean

Charles: It is a revolt.” “No sir, it is a revolution!”

Elverton-Dixon, On Frank Sinatra

Post Recorder, Robert Loggia dies at 85

Editor’s note: The blog links are heavily skewed toward that which is published outside of Panama, much of it about Panama, Latin America or the Caribbean. On our Facebook page we post a lot more clippings of other people’s work from Panama in the mix of news, culture and commentary.


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