The Panama News blog links, December 5, 2015


The Panama News blog links, December 5, 2015

gCaptain, Uncertainty about Panama Canal expansion delivery time

EFE, Canal de Panamá defiende transparencia ante solicitud sindical de auditoría

Port News, Jan De Nul to expand the PSA terminal in Panama

Dialogo Chino, ¿Quiénes están detrás de Wang Jing?

Port News, HKND Group starts archaeological work for the Nicaragua Canal

Boxing News, December 17 fight night at Gimnasio Roberto Duran

FC Dallas News, Blas Pérez bids farewell to FC Dallas

Sydney Morning Herald, Torres goes ballistic over substitution

Caribbean News Now!, United States indicts 16 more FIFA officials

Exclesior, Copa Airlines proyecta con mesura su 2016

E&N, Panamá se convierte en el eje de estrategia latinoamericana de Air France

E&N, Definen lugar de puente que unirá Costa Rica y Panamá

ICTSD, Panama wins WTO textiles case against Colombia

AFP, Panamá indignada por reacción de Colombia a fallo de la OMC

Uncover California, Rare tropical disease Zika enters Panama

TeleSur, Panama drought set to continue

STRI, Watch vampire bats on the Vampcam

Journal of Experimental Biology, Alcoholic pupfish kicks oxygen habit

Mongabay, Report: 17,000 marine species under-protected

Audubon, How to protect the birds that fly the farthest

BBC, Colombia says treasure-laden San Jose galleon found

Video: In Guns We Trust, mandatory gun ownership in Kennesaw Georgia

AP, Planned Parenthood shooting suspect reportedly targeted a clinic before

ABC, The woman who opened fire in San Bernardino

SPLC, “Sovereign Citizen” identified as shooter of BLM demonstrators

TVN, Gustavo Pérez apelará sentencia para armas sin régistros

EFE, Casi 200 cubanos llegan cada día a poblado del Caribe de Panamá

El País, Miles de cubanos quedan atrapados en su huida a Estados Unidos

The Independent, Argentine man snatched by dictatorship at birth meets mother

BBC, Dilma Rousseff impeachment process begins

TeleSur, Partido de Marina Silva rechaza juicio político contra Rousseff

Página 12, Condenan a la Dama Blanca de Berlusconi

Fang, Inside Saudi Arabia’s charm campaign

Fischer, The Syrian Knot

Ben-Ami, Blinded by ISIS

Susan The Bruce, The New Hampshire Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Contrary Brin, Political sense and nonsense

Center for American Progress, Latinos are shaping the future of the United States

Theatre Guild of Ancon, Contemporary Dance on December 10 & 11

Audubon, Rosabel Miró recognized as a conservation hero

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