The Panama News blog links, January 7, 2016


The Panama News blog links, January 7, 2016

AFP, Panama canal expansion to be complete ‘around May’

Ship & Bunker, ACP and GUPC trade shots over delays

ANP, Panamá cierra con modesto crecimiento en carga marítima

The Maritime Executive, Reassessing prospects for the proposed Nicaragua Canal

CNN, Copa among the most punctual airlines

Illinois State University News, Illinois State welcomes Panamá Bilingüe

ANP, Gobierno impulsa mejoramiento genético de ganado

Fruitnet, Chiquita introduces new banana brand

Fresh Plaza, Chiriqui incorporates drones in agriculture

Total Telecom: C&W, Huawei trial in Panama

LatinOne, Dubai targets Panama and Mexico for investment

CONCACAF, Panama prepares for Cuba in Costa Rica, Torres not rushing his recovery

Cayman Compass, Third indicted CONCACAF chief faces US extradition

Reuters, US judge ties Martinelli to SAP bribe case

InSight Crime, Panama court case highlights challenges of political immunity

El Tiempo, María del Pilar Hurtado quiere que Panamá la indemnice

Newsroom Panama, Homicides down 28% in 2015

La Estrella, La familia Pujol invirtió en Panamá $92 millones

TeleSur, Panama moves to prevent spread of swine flu after migrant dies

EFE, Panamá suma 24 casos de virus zika en mes y medio

Prensa Latina, Death toll rises to 17 due to AH1N1 in Costa Rica

TakePart, Farming frogs can save them from extinction

Science Advances, Entering the sixth mass extinction

Archaeology, Were Panamanian islanders dolphin hunters?

Reporters Without Borders, 110 journalists slain in 2015

Bird, 18 former Guatemalan military officers arrested for crimes against humanity

AP, Egipto arresta a tres administradores de Facebook

The New York Times, Turkey says Erdogan’s Hitler comment ‘distorted’

Amnesty International, Shia cleric among 47 executed by Saudi Arabia in one day

The New York Times, United States curbs psychologists at Guantanamo

The Gleaner, Obama gun controls could help Jamaica

WOLA, Obama limits gun running loopholes

Stiglitz, The Great Malaise continues

Ornstein, The eight causes of Trumpism

Paxton, Is fascism back?

Rosenberg, Is Hillary Clinton a neoconservative hawk?

Moore, Dear Governor Snyder: you have to go to jail

López Alba, El PSOE corre al galope hacia la irrelevancia

Ben-Ami, Exit Latin America’s left

Sader, ¿Cuáles son los límites de la derecha en América Latina?

Arkonada, From the burial of FTAA to the birth of Chinese soft power

Breznitz, TPP is a wonderful idea — for China

Gustafson, Bleak prospects for Latin America under TPP

Prieto & Gammage, Aiding Central America’s “women on the run”

Gandásegui, La corrupción siguió asomando la cabeza en 2015


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