Blog links: Bill and Hillary’s friends make world corruption short list

Bil Clinton with the Martinellis. Photo by the Panamanian Presidencia.
Bill Clinton with the Martinellis. Photo by the Panamanian Presidencia.
Friends of Bill and Hillary make TI’s short list of the world’s worst sticky fingers

Experience in high places

Former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli — now being harbored by the United States in self-imposed exile in Miami — and current Dominican Senator Félix Bautista have made Transparency International’s short list of those at the center of the world’s nine worst corruption scandals. Martinelli notoriously hangs with Clintons, while Bautista, who owns construction companies, pleads that his tainted contracts with the Haitian regime that Hillary defended as Secretary of State were vetted by none other than Bill Clinton himself.

Transparency International to pursue social sanctions on 9 grand corruption cases

Martinelli gana el tercer lugar en concurso de corrupción

Dominican senator makes the cut in Transparency’s ‘grand corruption’

Félix Bautista dice que licitación fue revisada por Martelly y Bill Clinton

What’s missing about Haiti in the Hillary emails?

Ricky & Hill
Ricky Martinelli and Hillary Clinton. Photo by the Panamanian Presidencia.


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