The Panama News blog links, February 1, 2016


The Panama News blog links, February 1, 2016

AJOT, Quijano on the canal expansion

ANP, Por cuarta vez se posterga fecha de inauguración para ampliación del canal

JOC, Delays and construction glitches to bust PanCanal expansion budget

TVN, Rechazan reclamo de GUPC a la ACP y reducen aspiraciones en otro

Hellenic Shipping News, New PanCanal tanker deck cooling rules

Splash 24/7, AMP investigates sinking of cargo vessel off Panama

The Straits Times, Chinpo fined $180K over illegal arms case

Hellenic Shipping News, Can Egypt dredge up support for the new Suez Canal?

Havana Times, Poll shows declining expectations on a Nicaragua Canal

Travel Weekly, Elegance and adventure on Northwest Passage cruise

JOC, US West Coast expects to hold market share despite PanCanal expansion

La Estrella: $1 millón, único pago de PPC en 18 años

Port Technology, Container trade rates to decline in 2016

Miami Herald, 2016 will see a bonanza of new cruise ships

BBC, Experts try to rescue stricken RP-flag freighter

Lloyd’s List, Panama raises ballast water rules concerns

Slowtwitch, Sanders and Haskins win Panama Ironman race

MLSoccer, Roberto Chen moving from Malaga to USA?

ABC, Ryan Armour wins Panama Claro golf tournament

WaterWorld, $50 million EIB loan to expand metro area sewage treatment

La Estrella, Lista de GAFI impactó el sector bancario del país

NASDAQ, Scotiabank buy Citi assets in Panama and Costa Rica

AFP, Mi Bus ya está en manos del estado panameño

ALAI, CELAC: regional financial actions in the face of the crisis

Ugarteche & Luna, The yuan’s conversion into an international reserve currency

AFP: Sí, así de sencillo es lavar dinero en EEUU

World Bank, Lower 2016 projections for 37 of 46 commodities

Latin American Herald Tribune, Panama’s corn fields dry up under blazing sun

Telemetro, Ríos secos y escasez de agua en Azuero

Undercurrent, Eastern Pacific tuna catches up

E&N, Energía eólica paliará efecto de ‘El Niño’ en Panamá

The New York Times, WHO declares Zika emergency

Xinhua, 42 Zika cases in Guna Yala

BBC, The imminent death of the Cavendish banana

STRI, Smithsonian botanist discovers new ground-flowering plant in Panama

Discovery News, Elusive bush dogs caught on camera in Panama

Mongabay, Half of China’s land vertebrates disappeared in 40 years

Foreign Policy, The espionage economy

The Guardian: Afghan military will need help ‘for years’, says US general

Tass, Panama ratifies mutual extradition treaty with Russia

TeleSur, Truth commission investigating 1989 invasion

Remezcla, Cinema Tropical awards for 2015

Catholic Culture, Panama’s bishops lament moral crisis

Gandásegui, La descomposición del sistema político panameño

Beluche, Reformas electorales: ni muy muy, ni tan tan

Bernal, Renovemos la esperanza

Blades, Will Smith’s Oscars boycott

Boff, The society of tiredness and dejection

Eyes on Trade, Actual text of TPP study vs press hype about it

Fischer, Welcome to the Twenty-First Century

Weisbrot, Haiti’s black votes don’t matter for Washington


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