JUST the action figure to do battle with Republicans and their puppet masters!

KAMALA, the nemesis that Pence, Trump, Putin and Skeletor NEED!

KAMALA! Just the nemesis to make Republicans run away and hide!

The can’t-miss debate of the season is coming up on Wednesday, October 7. The Vice-Presidential Debate between current Vice President Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will appear on many platforms and networks.

To celebrate this debate, we are holding a Democrats Abroad Panama raffle for a new-in-box Kamala Harris action figure. Who wouldn’t like their own pose-able Kamala for your very own? Her arms are bendable at the elbow. Wow, she looks Vice Presidential.

Money raised from this raffle will allow us to continue our voter support and outreach for US citizens living in Panama. Many Panama Democrats have been called this year or have received assistance in one of our weekly Zoom sessions. We have also assisted voters one-on-one, in person and over the phone, email, etc.

You can win this action figure in the local Democrats’ raffle!

The details:

The fine print: You must be a US Citizen, or a US Green Card holder, to participate in this raffle.

Buy your raffle tickets with a donation of $5 each. Click here to pay.


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