Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Panama meets on Saturday

Effects of climate change AND the Citizens’ Climate Lobby ae both active in Panama. Photo by SINAPROC.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Monthly Meeting

Saturday September 12 , 1 – 3 p.m.

Universidad Interamericana de Panama on Via Brasil

We will have light snacks.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is building the political will for a stable climate, by empowering individuals to have breakthroughs in their personal and political power.

It’s an amazing, inspiring group to be connected with, working on something so dreadful and still having fun while doing it.  The opportunities for personal growth are huge, and the chance to have a real impact on the future our planet is moving.

Those interested should call 6704-2456, email, or just show up.

This Panama chapter is focused on work within Panama, but expats from other countries will find it easy to connect with chapters at home and participate remotely.  We will facilitate that.  It’s a great way to stay connected. is the website.


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