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We get by with a little help from our friends

Whether there is money available to go into Panama City and back to cover a play — at the moment there isn’t — of course determines much of the quality of The Panama News. We are reader supported. To donate via PayPal, click on the graphic above.

If you want to donate by Western Union, MoneyGram or check

Money wired to us gets to us faster than PayPal donations do. Anything sent by wire via Western Union or MoneyGram must go to “Eric Lea Jackson Malo,” which is the name on the editor’s cedula. The companies won’t transfer the money if it is made out any other way. We do, of course, need to know the name of the sender and the routing number, so do send us an email at with this information when you do send money this way. The Panama News, being unincorporated, does not have a bank account or a mailbox in its name. If you want to donate by check send us an email so that it can be arranged.

We also exist on donations of labor and materials

Most of our photos were taken with donated cameras, these words were written on donated computer and our work often enough involves phone calls on donated cell phone calls or working into the wee hours while slugging down donated coffee. That’s not to mention all of the donated articles, columns, photographs and news tips. The Panama News may be a ragtag micro-enterprise, but it has lasted all these years because it’s a community effort. For in-kind donations of labor or materials, contact us at to make arrangements.


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