MOVIN, The impunity judgment

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“Crimes with impunity”

A judgment that translates as impunity

communique of the Independent Movement (MOVIN) on the
occasion of the September 23 judgment of the Second Tribunal

We can’t pretend to live in a civilized country and remain silent in the face of such shameful behavior on the part of those who are supposed to assure respect for the constitution and laws of the republic, for the protection of civil rights and freedoms, for peaceful coexistance and the defense of essential democratic values.

To allege that a plea bargain with one individual eliminates the crime or abolishes responsibility for the other participants in that crime is an insult to citizens’ intelligence. That this pretension comes from magistrates of an appeals court is unacceptable, as it translates as impunity.

We demand an investigation by the Supreme Court, and that the Public Ministry act with celerity under the procedures and principles appropriate to it in the face of a judgment of this nature.


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