Growing street protests


Street protest advisory

by Eric Jackson, photos taken from Twitter

Monumental events can spiral out of trivial incidents. In Panamanian relations with the United States one of these happened in 1856, when there were heavy economic and political issues associated with the California Gold Rush, armed American militias in the region and the economic impact of the Panama Railroad on the minds of many people here. Then a drunken American named Jack Oliver introduced a pistol into an argument over the price of a piece of watermelon. Some 60 people, most of them US citizens, were killed. Washington sent in the US Marine Corps over the incident. So you never know. Don’t be an idiot, whatever your nationality.

Note some scenes from what went on yesterday, and some calls for action today. And take a hint.


Run through such a barrier…


…and you may have an argument with such persons.
The traffic jam from a Panama City street blockade may affect you on another street.


To put a partisan slant on it….


This was the first call for today’s protest at ASEP on Via España. Panama’s two main labor federations, CONATO and CONUSI, are led by rival leftist factions but both say they will be protesting at ASEP, the utilities regulation authority, today.
lifestyles of the decadent and bourgeois
The Chamber of Commerce and other business groups are also not amused. The rate hikes fall directly on businesses and upper end consumers, and even though they get passed on to customers the wave of inflation is unappreciated.


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