CELA & CLACSO, Remembering Immanuel Wallerstein

Dr. Wallerstein. By Wikimedia Commons.

¡Viva Immanuel Wallerstein!


Immanuel Wallerstein has died. His legacy will remain in force and his works will be continue to be subjects of study and criticism. Wallerstein was an enthusiastic researcher since his teens in New York City and later as a student at Columbia University and as a professor at the State University of New York (SUNY). His approaches were original and controversial. Perhaps his concept of the capitalist world-system was the most debated. Even more, his conclusion that the system was coming to an end. In the 1970s, he even announced the decadence and decline of the United States as a hegemonic power.

Wallerstein was a friend of the Justo Arosemena Center for Latin American Studies (CELA) in Panama. He always cooperated with CELA initiatives and was a hard critic of the research that was carried out there. He published his articles in the CELA magazine, TAREAS, with some regularity.

Wallerstein was a member of the US Studies working group of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), which published his contributions. He wrote the prologue to its book on the US systemic crisis published in in 2010 (co-edition of CLACSO and Siglo XXI-México) and the section on new conditions of legitimation.

Our feelings of solidarity go out to his partner Beatriz and family. We join all his disciples and friends to celebrate the life of the sociologist, whose work was projected on a global scale.


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