Bernal, An accord?

Photos by the Presidencia.

National accord?

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

“… the political parties held a meeting with the President of the Republic in search of a national agreement…. ” ( in the news)

The pandemic has found in Panama the favorable economic, political and social environment to nest, incubate and spread.

This is so, thanks to the environment of a fragile democracy, kidnapped by an imposed constitution, run by the gestured of inopportune hypocries who, instead of ruling, c an’t even hide their nonsense with antiviral masks as they park the treasury everywhere and sow hopelessness in the great majority who reject this.

For a few weeks, the spokespersons, influencers and “paid expenses journalists” have been promoting a so-called “national accord.” It’s a propaganda move by the Cortizo administration and its allies, to try to convince us that they are full of good intentions for the country. But 12 months of administration show us absolutely the opposite.

There is not the slightest will on the part of the currently ruling power brokers to democratize political power, much less the economy. There are multiple statements that go in the opposite direction.

How can those with an authoritarian conception of power and politics speak of a “national accord?” How can they propose a “national accord” if they do not allow space for a democratic conception of power, one that makes citizen participation and pluralism its fundamental guides? How can those who reject dissent and tolerance speak of a “national accord?”

Those who have repudiated the need for a constitutional convention and declared themselves its determined enemies — how do they try to make us believe that they are willing to listen to and respect other voices? Even in their own political parties they deceive and betray each other.

Of course they will find – in addition to those already in their ranks — those who can be fooled. That is the “national accord” they seek: an agreement between those who like to be deceived and those who already are.

Once again, it is up to us citizens, to the men and women who love our country, to react decisively with dignity and to shout out a resounding NO to their treacherous, anti-national and undemocratic claims.

Furthermore, let us ask ourselves: national accord for whom? National accord for what? Without a doubt, for the same, with the same!


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