Hightower, The far right’s absurd war on masks

Low-cost, low-tech masks save lives, but the hard right has turned them into symbols of tyranny. Shutterstock graphic.

Confusing patriotism with nutballism

by Jim Hightower — OtherWords

The chief cultural signifier of our times is this: Wearing a mask. Or not.

These low-tech, low-cost, high-impact coverings are simple and effective at helping reduce the COVID-19 infection rate. Our top political leaders’ failure to produce, distribute, and require them en masse when the pandemic first spread ranks somewhere between stupid and criminal.

But while our “leaders” failed, the people themselves have led, rapidly turning homemade mask-making into a booming cottage industry and a charitable act.

Meanwhile, though, big corporations rushed out like masked thieves to exploit the crisis.

Even as their lobbyists shoved to the front of the line to grab billions in public relief funds meant for small Main Street businesses, they churned out touchy-feely PR campaigns portraying Amazon warehouses, Hefty trash bags, McDonald’s fries, and Walmart’s forced-to-work clerks as the epitome of all-in-this-together Americanism.

Their message in this global pandemic is that what unites us as a people is crass commercialism — so buy something from us!

Then there are the billionaire-funded, right-wing political fronts that are staging protests against — wait for it — masks. Yes, the Koch brothers’ network and other laissez-faire extremists are intentionally trying to divide Americans in this time of national crisis by demonizing, of all things, mask wearing.

Confusing patriotism with nutballism, some self-proclaimed Patrick Henrys now feel entitled to trample on America’s common good.

Loudly proclaiming that being asked to make a minor, temporary, life-saving wardrobe adjustment is pure tyranny, they freely breathe their COVID-19 infections into our public air, often while mocking and even assaulting retail employees, bus drivers, and others who are just trying to get everyone to live and let live.

In this strange time, the modest mask has become a complex social symbol of competing acts of generosity, greed, and goofiness. The good news is that generosity is prevailing over the other two.


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