Reich, Stop thief!


What happens if Trump
contests the election?

by Robert Reich

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops to remain in power. He’s setting the stage to dispute the election results by spreading lies about mail-in voting, launching legal attacks against expanding voting access, and sowing distrust in the electoral process.

But there’s one strategy he could employ that no one is talking about: Contesting the election in the House of Representatives.

“We have the advantage if we go back to Congress. I think it’s 26 to 22 or something because it’s counted one vote per state.” That’s what he said in late September at one of his rallies. So what’s he talking about?

Congress has decided contested elections only three times in US history, in 1801, 1825, and 1877. But we might face another because Donald Trump will stop at nothing to retain his power.

That’s why it’s even more critical for you to vote.

We have 14 days left to make this a blowout victory for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot, and stop Trump from stealing this election.

We can’t waste a second.


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