The Trump indictment: it matters, but…

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bathroom — the place and manner to store Pentagon plans to attack Iran? But far worse would be if these were sold or shared to a foreign power.

Not the worst thing he did
but heavy charges in any case

Here we have the Trump Espionage Act indictment in PRD format.

Editor’s note: Pompous proclamations, premature celebrations and incendiary rhetoric are bound to make this worse, but this is where US society is at in mid-2023. Let Republicans say what they will, but Democrats would be wise to heed the advice of their Senate caucus leader Chuck Schumer and House caucus leader Hakeem Jeffries and just calmly let the judicial process take its course.

Will we find out just how inappropriately written, how indiscriminate at the same time as selectively applied on often specious grounds the Espionage Act really is? Those who have not followed the travails of Reality Winner, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden may have missed those points. After this proceeding is over, perhaps it will be time for a congressional rewriting of the law.

Some commentators who are too impressed by celebrities are saying that Trump should get off with a scolding. Not years in prison like Winner and Assange, not years in exile like Snowden. Those overly impressed commentators have almost all been silent about the other Espionage Act cases.

Meanwhile, polls suggest that in the USA millions of people believe that violence against the government is justified. Common sense says that at least a few people are likely to act upon such impulses. The trick for the American people and government is to slap any such violence down but in doing so avoid rash reactions that make the situation worse.

Donald Trump took an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws, and to defend the United States against enemies domestic and foreign. He violated that oath in several ways. Let him and his accomplices suffer the consequences. Don’t let them mock, bully or change the subject in such a way that the entire nation suffers undeserved consequences. It’s why there is such a thing as the rule of law, annoying as that can often be.


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