Eight-way race for Panama’s presidency

Archive photo by Eric Jackson.

Eight-way race for the presidency

President and Vice President candidates listed

José Gabriel “Gaby” Carrizo & Dr. Camilo Alleyne – PRD / MOLIRENA

Ricardo Martinelli* & José Raúl Molino – RM / Alianza

Ricardo Lombana & Michael Chen – Otro Camino

Rómulo Roux & José Isabel Blandón – CD / Panameñista

Martín Torrijos & Rosario Turner – Partido Popular

Zulay Rodríguez & Athenas Athanasiadis – Independent

Maribel Gordón & Richard Morales – Independent

Melitón Arrocha & Aida de Maduro ** – Independent

* Sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for money laundering, so may be disqualified

** This independent ticket is endorsed by the Partido PAIS


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