April 13 in Portobelo: the Congo Pollera Festival

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26 groups to perform at the 6th Congo Pollera Festival

Photos by Aurora Fierro. Article by Roberto Enrique King, translated and edited by Eric Jackson.

A total of 26 Congo Pollera groups will offer the best of their dances, songs and music on Saturday, April 13 during the 6th Portobelo Congo Pollera Festival, a biennial event once again organized by the Congo Pollera, Masks and Diablo Dances Patronato, and which has become one of the most important projects that exist in the country to highlight our Afrocolonial roots and culture.

The invited groups in this edition will come from different regions of the province of Colón, such as Isla Grande, José del Mar, Cacique, Miramar, María Chiquita, Cativá, Puerto Escondido, Santa Isabel, several from the city of Colón and three from Portobelo , as well as delegations from Veraguas and Cocle. With a median of between 15 to 20 members per group, including singers, drummers, congos and dancers, it will add up to nearly 500 adults, adolescents and children. Their Panamanian performances will take place at this great gathering.

The Portobelo Congo Pollera, Masks and Diablo Dances Festivals Patronato is responsible for the conception, organization and execution of this event, with which they expand and complement the work they have been doing since 2000 with the Congos and Diablos Festival, which is also held every two years, alternating. There is more information at 6279-6896 or 6894-4135 and at Festivales de Portobelo on Facebook and Instagram.

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