The second debate: what Democrats are saying

The entire debate in Iowa, very carefully scheduled by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for a low-ratings time and on the evening of the University of Iowa’s homecoming in order to minimize its impact.

What Democrats are saying

Your editor has his bias toward Bernie Sanders and thinks that the extraordinary part of the debate were when Hillary objected to Bernie’s criticism of her ties with Wall Street as an attack on her integrity, and went on to cite 9/11 as the reason for her financial industry backing. At least that’s how the editor took it. Read the transcript of the debate here.

The best debate lines according to Paola Chavez for ABC.

The best debate lines according to Tessa Stuart in Rolling Stone.

Amy Davidson’s take in The New Yorker.

Abby Phillip and David Weigel opine in The Washington Post.

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