Retrieved archives from an infamous campaign

The 2006 canal expansion referendum was a PRD project, in conjunction with the banks and construction companies, and also a major exercise of a Panama Canal Authority information control game that was created when Ricardo Martinelli was Minister of Canal Affairs. Street graffiti photo by Eric Jackson.

Archives of an infamous campaign: redemption in search of volunteers

links to 2006 articles that hackers wanted to erase

Whodunnit? We don’t know, but a series of hacker attacks that began to shut down the old website of The Panama News in December of 2014 has by and large destroyed easy access to our archives. Did Ricardo Martinelli make a big international campaign of wanting to erase online archives of the things that he did, and did he have Israeli hacking equipment, Italian programs and US-trained “security personnel” capable of doing it? He had all of these things, and more. But the the hacker(s) might also have been somebody else. In any case, after the final collapse of our old website in the middle of last March, we were left with a bunch of fragments of years of online records of what The Panama News has done, and restoring our archives is a work that had been put on the back burner while we set about the as-yet unfinished task of rebuilding the website and carrying on with our coverage. If you want to volunteer your labor for this project, send us an email.

These links are to the stories that we published in 2006 about the referendum campaign on the Panama Canal expansion. You don’t truly understand the problems and corruption that have come to that project since then if you know nothing of this story.

Can we render this links into headlines rather tn Internet addresses? Can we copy the stories and store them in places beyond our enemies’ easy reach? Can we begin to restore The Panama News as an online historical resource? Might we go even farther and restore archives of much more of Panama’s English-language journalism, by other people over many decades, and thus reclaim part of Panama’s history? It’s a matter of labor and to a lesser extent money.

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