The Panama News blog links, April 24, 2017


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

AJOT, Tug and infrastructure problems dog expanded Panama Canal

AJOT, Expanded Panama Canal performance exceeds expectations

Handy Shipping Guide, PanCanal issues new clean fuel regs

Argus, ACP plans 10-day outage of Gatun’s east lane

9 News Denver, Denver regains nonstop air service to and from Panama

AFP, Police block protest against Nicaragua Canal

Sports / Deportes

ESPN, Junior lightweight champ Jezreel Corrales signs with Golden Boy

Baltimore Ravens, Rod Carew got the heart of a former Raven

EFE, Panamá tendrá sus primeros juegos ancestrales indígenas

ESPN FC, Seven held in Amilcar Henríquez slaying

Economy / Economía

La Estrella, Ingresos del gobierno están 10% por debajo de la meta

EIN News: Panama beer market 2017 shares, trends and forecast

TVN, Superintendencia de Bancos ordena liquidación de FPB Bank

CTBR, Enel starts operations of new 42MW solar plant in Panama

InSight Crime, Salvadoran crime boss said to launder money via Panama companies

Eyes on Trade, Trump’s trade flip-flops

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

Smithsonian’s National Zoo, A vanishing species reappears

Telemetro: Descubren en Panamá un nuevo camarón, lo nombran Pink Floyd

BBC, Massive new spider with red fangs found in Mexican caves

Mosaic, Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic

Business Insider, What Earth would look like if the ice melted

CSM, Antarctica’s network of meltwater rivers bigger than thought

The Verge, Uber aroused Apple’s ire over iPhone tagging practices

ALAI, Just Net Coalition opposes Encrypted Media Extensions net standards

News / Noticias

Telemetro, Vicepresidenta se muestra a favor de uniones civiles del mismo sexo

La Estrella, Abad alega anomalías en venta de Epasa

Mi Diario, Católicos y evangélicos se enfrentan en procesión

CBS Denver, Peace Corps worker’s family meets with Varela after tragedy

Reuters, Mossack and Fonseca get bail

The Nation, Sharif wounded by Panama Papers verdict but lives to fight on

NL Times, More Dutch connections found in Panama Papers investigation

El País, Expresidente salvadoreño señalado por recibir US$1,5 millones de Odebrecht

AWID, The women behind El Salvador’s historic environmental victory

The Independent, Former MI6 chief says Trump borrowed money from Russia

The Intercept, Bernie’s Russian campaign adviser speaks out

DW, Americans skip Afghanistan-Taliban conference in Moscow

El País, Legisladores republicanos cuestionan la utilidad del muro

The Intercept: Assange strikes back at CIA director, talks Trump, Russia, and Clinton

Opinion / Opiniones

Rather, Trump’s worst week yet

Skidelsky, Trump’s war policy in Syria

Targ: The neocons, the humanitarian interventionists and the new Trump

Beckman, Secretary Clinton and the Honduran Coup

Boff, Globalization or Planetization?

WOLA, Uribe’s “Message to US Authorities” about Colombia’s peace effort

Vidal Payán, ¿Cómo el incremento de 1,5 °C afectaría a Panamá?

Blades, Sobre los recientes sucesos en Venezuela

Culture / Cultura

Taibbi, New Book brutalizes the Clinton campaign

Trinidad Guardian, Panama Canal stories both connect and divide


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