An electronic attack? The Panama News page on Facebook is partly disabled.

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We have weathered many electronic attacks over many years, but we are not entirely sure whether that is what this is.

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Facebook is going through some turmoil, the alt-right is in full inflammatory fake news scream on the social media (replete with bots to fictitiously drive up readership / viewership) and it’s a big pain for The Panama News to find itself sometime last night and through the day partly disabled on Facebook.

No FB messages can be received or sent. (Send us an email at for that, including messages with news tips or those links or graphics that you would ordinarily send to us by Facebook message.)

We have no access to our Facebook settings, nor to the help desk. Facebook infamously lacks reasonable alternatives to complain about problems. The editor could tell you of electronic war stories — but this may or may not fit into that pigeonhole.

We can’t paste links or graphics in the normal ways. What you are reading is an experiment in getting around such things, but even if it works it will be still be unwieldy.

We can’t see or respond to most of the comments coming into our Facebook page, only to the stories on top. We can’t see our archive. We can’t open our notifications listings. Are there troll invasions going on in the stories below where we can see? If so let us know about that.

Can other people post to our page? Ususally Facebook friends can, but if you are one of those and you can’t it’s a problem, and if unfriendly folks are posting hate stuff, lies and so on that you can see but the editor can’t see it that’s a BIG problem. You may want to complain to Facebook if you see such vandalism, about the item and about the person or persona who posts it.

Lend a hand if you can. This, too, shall pass.

Eric Jackson


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