Democrats Abroad meet & greet — Sat., 1 pm at the Balboa Yacht Club



The meeting part of our gathering will be short, with no speeches. The main thing is to finalize the vote on a new vice chair. Only one person is nominated for vice chair. That’s board member Kim Antonsen, of El Valle. It’s important to get a lot of votes, however, in order to muster a quorum and as an expression of confidence and solidarity going into the critical midterm election campaign.

We realize that since a lot of people are on vacation, going to the meeting will not be possible for everyone. But you can cast your vote by email, too. We have had trials but mostly a lot of error, but we will again try to establish a Skype connection for those who can’t be there.

To vote for Kim Antonsen for vice chair, click here and send the email.

To write in someone else for vice chair, click here and send the email.

(In the text of the message say you are voting for Kim Antonson or write in your other choice for the job. If that does not work on your browser, just send an email to to cast your vote. Or better yet, vote at the meeting on Saturday.)

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Perhaps the most serious thing to do at the gathering is for those who have not registered to vote and ordered their ballots to do so. We need for people to bring computers or smart phones, cameras and perhaps wireless modems — don’t know if the WiFi will be working at the Yacht Club — and in many states you need to photograph and show ID. It’s still a work in progress — as are the GOP legislative and regulatory efforts to change laws to make it harder to vote and the lawsuits to make it easier to vote, but an approximate state-by-state guide that includes ID requirements can be found here.

There will also be sign-up sheets to volunteer for this or that, and a hat into which to put any financial contributions toward the cause. We really want to hear your ideas about what you would like to do.

See our latest mailing to the local email list here, and perhaps sign up for it. We keep no other information than email addresses, so as to make it harder for Boris and Natasha to mine any data out of it, and we do not share this list with ANYONE.

Sign up as a global member of Democrats Abroad, which will get you a different set of messages than the local list and sign you up to vote in the 2020 Democrats Abroad presidential primary. We are promised that this list is no longer shared with others.

Check out the Democratic National Committee’s Twitter feed, the Democrats Abroad Panama open group on Facebook, the Democrats Abroad Panama Instagram feed and/or the Democrats Abroad global website.

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Do words in print put you off, such that rhyme, meter and music make things easier for you? Check out some timely if in some cases very old anthems for this time:

Do you have labor complaints this Labor Day?

Are you so down that you need to do something to start looking up?

Trump’s neo-Confederate friends talk traditions — don’t we have better ones?

Will a basic modicum of respect suffice?

Would you like to tell off the NRA — in Spanish?

Would you put your yearning for freedom in negative terms?

Do you see this year’s campaign as a holy cause?

Anyway, see you there

(Email to sign up for a Skype connection if you can’t make it in person.)



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