Democrats Abroad Online US Post Office celebration / Voting rights rally


This was planned to be a Facebook watch party, but Zuckerberg’s company would not let us load most of the videos. We didn’t give up. We never do.


Benjamin Franklin was postmaster under British colonial times and invented much of what’s relevant to this day in postal services around the world. The Brits fired him for revolutionary activities and when the US Post Office was established he was postmaster for that.


Alas, with a laptop camera and microphone. Long story about why that is.

Voting rights are going to be a problem for Americans living abroad this year, and the Democrats Abroad global counsel office is really not set up for litigation, which may be necessary. It’s likely that the American Civil Liberties Union will carry the ball on this more than anyone else.


Trump and his thugs are making vote suppression a moving target this year. If you stand back and watch things as they happen — that’s what they want.


Do not let ANYBODY convince you that it’s “woke” not to vote.


After a hard-fought primary, Dems need to rally behind him to take that US Senate seat in Colorado from the GOP.



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