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Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

El Panamá América: Canal, Tocumen SA y ENA son degradados por Fitch
The Guardian, Rail bosses plan to build Northern Ireland to Scotland tunnel
MundoMarítimo, ¿Qué ocurre con los contenedores perdidos por la borda?
Seatrade, Florida’s Jaxport completes berth expansion
gCaptain, ITF calls on shipping companies to save seafarers stranded off China

It’s Black History Month in the USA. Properly taught and understood, it’s not a list of African-American persons but rather history – the history of everything – as seen from the perspective of black people in the USA. And here we have a bit of economic history, from the days of chattel slavery when black people were treated as property like cattle or swine. Panama had slavery, too, but there were different legal and religious treatments of it here. This is an 1853 newspaper ad in search of a runaway slave, a young carpenter who was considered valuable property.

Economy / Economía

El Siglo, Pandemia también golpea a los municipios
TVN, Crisis en las finanzas públicas
Radio Temblor: El diálogo sobre la Caja de Seguro Social, ¿a quién favorece?
ICIJ, Consulting giants’ cash windfall under Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos
Stern & Stiglitz, Getting the social cost of carbon right
Baker, Wealth inequality – should we care?

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

La Prensa, Panamá ya creó y diseñó dos ventiladores mecánicos
Heaven, No matter which data they use predictive policing is still racist
Science Daily, Tropical paper wasps babysit for neighbors
NPR, What really killed the dinosaurs?
Detroit Free Press, ‘UK strain’ of COVID-19 races through a Michigan prison

The bad guys – COVID-19 viruses under an electron microscope.

News / Noticias

Metro Libre, Junta Directiva del Senniaf solicitó el cierre inmediato de los albergues
La Estrella, Niña escapa de un albergue en medio del escándalo por el abuso
La Estrella, Mides otorga subsidios sin criterios técnicos
Telemetro, Rechazan intento por Ricardo Martinelli Linares de cambio de jueces
Relato, Sexo, licor y privilegios: los Martinelli en la cárcel de Guatemala
The Guardian, Anger over Bolsonaro making guns easier to get
Reuters, Trump’s presidential acts are ‘fair game’ for regular prosecutors
TechXplore, Tech companies as the government?
The Intercept, Aaron Swartz prosecutor gets her final comeuppance

Opinion / Opiniones

Malley & Pomper, How America enables war in Yemen
Amnesty International, Spanish rapper’s jailing for songs and tweets disproportionate
Noriega, ¿Por qué perdió Donald Trump el juicio político?
Blades, Repuestas a preguntas del público
Bernal, Diagnóstico
Turner, La población debe evaluar el funcionamiento de la CSS

A very old issue raised again by Panama’s far left for the first time in a long time. Howard has been used since 2000 as a US Air Force “forward operating location” with a dedicated hangar staffed by mercenaries. Likewise, the US Navy and the US Coast Guard have from time to time since the formal end of US military bases used the piers at Rodman, which is a Panamanian National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) base. Now the plan is for a formally international US and Panamanian base here, the specifics of which have not been revealed and will not be submitted to the National Assembly for any debate or disclosure. It’s thus bound to be an irritant to Panamanian nationalists of various political stripes. This is a FRENADESO Twitter post.

Culture / Cultura

Remezcla: Meet Boza, a sweet & savage Panamanian artist
The Guardian, From RuPaul to Pose: queer community TV through the lockdown
Sardon, Lo que tienen en común el ballet y matemáticas

The religious right protests outside of SENNIAF headquarters, about abuses at foster homes for both children and adults that the government oversees. It’s an issue about which there is general indignation among Panamanians of all political and religious hues. Why such a small crowd? Social distancing and the Carnival holidays may have something to do with it. This movement usually mobilizes church congregations for much larger crowds, but it turns out that some of the places where there were abuses were run by or affiliated with churches. Both Catholic and Evangelical institutions have been vaguely identified by a legislative committee so far.

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