Justice Democrats, Time for the Democratic Party to ditch AIPAC

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It’s time to blacklist AIPAC

by the Justice Democrats

We have a problem.

AIPAC dropped millions of dollars to ensure progressives lost primaries in key races this cycle. The only thing AIPAC cares about is suppressing any dissent against their extreme agenda — which is exactly why they endorsed 109 Republican election deniers.

In Summer Lee’s race, AIPAC endorsed a Republican over a Democrat for the first time, spending over $3 million to try to stop her people-powered movement. AIPAC proved they will do whatever it takes to squash opposition — even if it meant we could lose a Democratic majority.

Summer overcame their attacks and won a historic victory — but AIPAC remains more dangerous than ever. It’s time for the Democratic Party to immediately condemn AIPAC’s actions and cut all ties.

After AOC defeated the 4th most powerful Democrat in the House in 2018, Democratic leadership went to extreme lengths to stop progressives like AOC from ever winning again.

The DCCC blacklisted any vendors, staff, and organizations that helped Democratic primary challengers – AKA us. But now with AIPAC, they’re … silent.

AIPAC’s right-wing Super PAC aggressively spent millions to attack progressives in critical Democratic seats around the country. While party leaders named a Democratic majority as their #1 priority, AIPAC was supporting over a hundred extreme GOP candidates.

If Democratic leaders were so comfortable blacklisting progressives organizations like us, where are they now while AIPAC actively undermines not just the Democratic Party but the fabric of our democratic elections?

It’s beyond clear that our work to transform the Democratic Party is more important now than ever.

The ultra-right is internationalist. Dems don’t owe Trump’s overseas supporters our allegiance. Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, Israeli Foreign Ministry. This photo and comment added by The Panama News, not by the Justice Democrats.


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