A modest list for a guy unlikely to appear on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The editor, and in the background a crime scene patch that ought to be decorated.

A hard times wish list

photos, article and list by Eric Jackson

The other day I shopped around, looking at farm / garden / yard tools to replace the ones stolen in mid-2021 and a few others that are broken. I could get hardcore about things that I never had – not going to do roto-tilling but use of a wood chipper would be a fabulous luxury to add to soil-building activities and so on. I have NEVER contemplated a lawn in the plasto suburban sense, but there are spots on my 900 square meters in which sodding with the Japanese grass that does not need to be cut. No riding lawnmower for me.

THEN, there are things to do with the house. Were I all of a sudden a zillionaire, a new roof with solar panels and batteries. A few patches will do, but at my age and with my clumsiness I am not climbing up on the roof to do any repairs. There is plumbing / pipefitting and electrical work that could be done. The place could stand to be painted inside and out, with cracks spackled up first. Floors would be nicer if tiled. The bare cement patches over where the thugs smashed in last year? THOSE I might decorate myself, thinking in terms of graphic designs to be printed at a printing place and glued down.

Anyway, a relatively low-budget journalist / blogger’s / peasant’s wish list for some of the outdoor work:

Garden rake — $8.39
Leaf rake — $9.29
Pruning shears — $15.99
Dual sharpening wheel – $169.95
Chainsaw — $129.99
Weed whacker — $199.99
Hoe – $19.95
Picking stick – $9.50
Pitchfork – yet to be priced
Wheelbarrow – yet to be priced.

Putting up star apples — that’s a Panagringo hippie peasant thing to do!



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