Hawkins: Ancon, Balboa and Balboa Heights on Fourth of July morning

cityscape in the distance
NOTHING is just as it used to be. You think that time freezes just to satisfy your nostalgia? That said, the urban policies reflected here range from the abominable, through the negligent, to the acceptable and with a few bright spots. This and all the other photos on this page by Allan Hawkins V.

Fourth of July 2023: a photographic stroll
through Balboa, Balboa Heights and Ancon

photos by Allan Hawkins V.

St. Lukes


National Assembly is to the left of this photo. It's the Agricultural Development Bank you see in the center left background.


Parking for the PanCanal Administration Building


Yesteryear's neglected steet lamp, with a stolen and forgotten marker. Quite the post-colonial statement.


It used to be Gorgas Hospital, but now it's the country's main courthouse.


Quite the challenging restoration job. Is it safe to work on it?


The canal administrator's palace. Canal Zone governors used to live there.


Street Art 1


Street Art 2


CIVILIZED street art

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