Martinelli has a lot of people comparing the judge to The Wicked Witch…

Graphic from Ricardo Martinelli’s newspaper El Panama America. The particulars of this blast against Judge Marquínez? “Several lawyers have shown their dissatisfaction with the actions of the third judge for the liquidation of criminal cases, Baloisa Enereida Marquinez, who has been characterized for denying all the requests that the different defenses make to her in the processes she is handling.”

…on the other hand, many would like
to see her turn him into a newt…

by Eric Jackson

A newt?

Most probably, the former president’s proxy candidate to retake his old Cambio Democratico party was not confused with The Tulivieja by the majority of CD primary voters who rejected her. But you never know.

Both as to Judge Baloisa Marquínez and as to National Assembly member Yanibel Ábrego, you will encounter a feminist current in Panamanian thinking which takes the phenomena as two partisan sides of this coin that vilifies women whenever they step into prominent roles in public life.

As a society, Panama will eventually get past this moment.

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