The Barbie Pay Gap


Ken walks the picket line. You know what they say about men of quality and women’s equality. Graphic by the unionized workers of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania (UE Local 696).

In the UK Ken would make £4 million a year more than Barbie in the same roles, gender pay gap data reveal

by Leila Glen —
    • A shocking 90% of Barbie’s jobs pay men more money for doing the same thing
    • Only 6 out of 59 (10%) roles analyzed showed females to earn more than their male counterparts
    • The top pay disparity role is a Judge; If Ken was a judge, he’d be paid 31% more than Barbie doing the same role

Lifetime salary difference between Barbie and Ken

Barbie’s astounding CV across the occupations with data available and the number of years worked in each role was analyzed to calculate the earning disparity should Ken have the same resume. 

In the UK, Barbie’s lifetime salary across the 59 roles with data available would total a whopping £45.4 million (£45,428,296), whereas Ken would earn over £4 million more (£49,554,215).

Which Barbie occupations have the greatest gender pay gap?

Over the years, Barbie has made gigantic leaps for gender bias and equality throughout her lifetime. With the brand providing Barbie with careers where women are woefully sparse, Barbie has been a stable game-changer, showcasing to young children all over the globe that you can live your dream and be who you want to be.

However, despite efforts and campaigns by women’s rights groups to close the gender pay gap, it still exists. Two known major contributors to the gender pay gap are fewer females working managerial or senior roles and women working part-time. 

Top five Barbie occupations where females are paid more than males in the UK:


Top five Barbie occupations where males are paid more than females in the UK:


Which of Barbie’s occupations are the highest paying for females in the UK?


Which of Barbie’s occupations are the lowest paying for females in the UK?



Out of the lowest paying job positions, Park ranger Barbie has the greatest difference with men earning on average £4.7k (21.1%) more than women in the same role.

Commenting on the analysis,’s business bank account expert Lucinda O’Brien said:

“Children’s career aspirations have long been defined by gender stereotypes; it’s therefore refreshing and positive to see Barbie working a whole variety of jobs (president being one of them!) in the latest live action Barbie movie. Young girls watching their favorite doll in roles that they might have otherwise seen as not for them, can only serve to encourage positive change.

However, even with Barbie working across a wide variety of job sectors in recent years representing females in largely male dominated positions, women continue to be misrepresented in the working world. Although there are current laws in place ensuring equal pay, the data still reveals men continue to be favored in the workplace. More measurable steps need to be taken to re-address this balance.”


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