Citizens Committee Against Impunity, The Odebrecht “agreement”

Odebrecht projects in Panama. Graphic by criminals.

Anti-corruption movement rejects Attorney General Porcell’s deal with Odebrecht

by the Citizens Committee Against Impunity

In consideration of the alarming events that have shaken our nation in the past weeks, we citizens of the Republic of Panama, signatories of this declaration, have constituted the Citizens Committee Against Impunity and hereby:

  1. Denounce the illegitimacy and illegality of the unilateral “agreement” announced by the Attorney General’s office, as there is not a single norm or regulation that supports these forms of “verbal agreements,” as well as the fact that it impedes prosecution fo the crimes committed.
  2. Demand complete adherence and compliance of the Public Ministry and the Comptroller General’s office to the laws ratified by International Anti-corruption Conventions, in regards to any action by Constructora Odebrecht, its representatives and partners.
  3. Demand that the total amount of property losses to the Republic of Panama for each of the construction projects executed and to be executed in the future (as well as the totals amounts related to amendments, overpricing, and over-costs), as well as the names of the persons — natural or juridical — including banks and financial institutions who were and are complicit and involved in such illegal acts against the national treasury, together with Constructora Odebrecht, its local and international affiliates, are made public.
  4. Demand a thorough official investigation of the administrations of Martín Torrijos Espino, Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal and current president Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez.
  5. Demand that all executive, legislative, judiciary, and municipal officials in service during the years in which Constructora Odebrecht and its affiliates bid for government contracts are thoroughly investigated.
  6. Demand that the Attorney General, the Electoral Tribuna, the Tax Court, the General Revenue Office (DGI), the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) — and any other entity whose nature and activities can assist in the investigation of those responsible — make public the extent of the damages and the identities of those responsible, and that they immediately take the necessary measures allowed by law to prosecute them.
  7. Demand that the Electoral Tribunal to make public — without further delay and excuses — the names of all the candidates for president, legislator, representante and mayor who received campaign contributinos from Odebrecht, its partners and/or its associates.
  8. Demand that the executive immediately terminate all government contracts with Odebrecht, its affiliates and companies. We demand the immediate and permanent ban of Odebrecht, and any of its companies being allowed to bid for contracts in the Republic of Panama. We demand the confiscation of all of Odebrecht’s assets in Panama.
  9. Demand the Public Ministry designate Odebrecht as an Agent of Corruption, and that they be fined an amount equivalent to 10 percent of the total cost of the all the contracts illicitilly awarded to them during the past three government administrations, just as other nations (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and the United States) have done.
  10. Urge citizens to make use of any and all available means to remain alert and denounce the goverment’s blatant involvement with Odebrecht and its efforts to conceal and dismiss what is one of the most alarming cases of local and international corruption. We demand that the millions of dollars stolen and paid in bribes to government officials be returned to the Panamanian people, and that those responsible be criminally charged and brought to justice for crimes against the people and the dignity of this land.
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