The Panama News blog links, March 10, 2017

Blades is Panamanian but his most famous music draws on Afro-Cuban roots.

The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

MarineLink, New PanCanal daily tonnage record

Splash 24/7, Panama flag faces flak over biohazard ship

Sports / Deportes

LA Times, US soccer team to open Gold Cup against Panama

Horse Racing News, Santana Jr. and Osorio released from hospital after spill

Economy / Economía

La Estrella, Valor de los permisos de construcción baja 25%

Capital Financiero, Industria de seguros es puesta a prueba

CBC, Royal Bank of Canada closes accounts after Panama Papers review

The Brussels Times, Belgians probe Panama Papers lawyers and consultants

La Estrella, Piquete por ahorristas de Coacecss

Feedstuffs, WTO indicator suggests moderate trade momentum

Latin Lawyer, Lava Jato topples Colombian construction deal

Bloomberg, Carlos Slim loses a lot of money but gains popularity

Eyes on Trade, Trump plans to “bring American jobs back” missing from speech

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

STRI, Love potion for frogs

EurekAlert!, BioMuseo a favorite attraction for butterflies and moths

Reuters, Ancient human tree cultivation shaped Amazon landscape

ScienceAlert, New record-high temperatures in Antarctica

Mongabay, Climate change drives local extinctions with tropics most at risk

The American Energy News, Solid-state EV battery breakthrough

Inverse, Why floating cities may make sense

News / Noticias

Newsroom Panama, Reward for information to solve American tourist murder case

La Estrella, Ngäbes rechazan acuerdo espurio suscrito con empresas chinas

EFE, Revisan tratado comercial de armas en Panamá

Telemetro, Detienen a exdiputado Osman Gómez con arma sin permiso

TVN, Cruz Roja panameña cumple 100 años

BBC, ICRC: Colombia facing violence despite FARC deal

EFE, ACNUR denuncia desplazamientos masivos en Colombia

CNN, Aleppo report accuses all sides of war crimes

Telemetro, Gigante brasileño Odebrecht pagó “impuesto guerrillero” a FARC

TVN, Odebrecht asumió gastos de campañas de Santos y Zuluaga en 2014

Reuters, Euro lawmakers press EU to impose visas on US citizens

WikiLeaks, Vault7: the CIA papers

DW, Russian hackers use Dutch polls as practice

Opinion / Opiniones

Khrushcheva, Laughing in the dark

Taibbi, Russia story is a minefield for Democrats and the media

Jackson, Ajit Pai wants to shut down the way we communicate and organize

PEN America, Aggressive interrogation of artists and writers at US border

Lewis, US foreign policy harms Latin American women’s reproductive rights

WOLA, The renewed US refugee ban and Central American kids

Gorriti, Satanizaciones

Tinker Salas, Looking for a left turn in Mexico

Bernal, Acuerdos para la impunidad

Gólcher, Las carencias del sistema educativo panameño

Jované, Panamá está al borde de colapsar institucionalmente

Culture / Cultura

AFP, Fashioning a life behind bars in Panama

English website, International Film Festival of Panama

The Collection, 71,000 historical maps online for free downloading


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