The Panama News blog links, January 17, 2021


The Panama News blog links

a Panama-centric selection of other people’s work
una selección Panamá-céntrica de las obras de otras personas

Canal, Maritime & Transportation / Canal, Marítima & Transporte

Seatrade, Panama Registry closes 2020 with 230.5m gt on its books

MarineLog, “Panama Canal just made VLGC transits harder”

ANP, Rusia busca aprovechar en el negocio del transporte del GNL

Seatrade, LNG shipping market shaping up for a wild ride

Air Cargo News, New Latin American air cargo liberalization agreement

Un ejemplo de por qué Nito evita los encuentros inesperados con el público en estos días.

Economy / Economía

The Washington Post, Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic relief and health care package

Sawicky, How Biden’s budget can build back better

Richardson, Stagnation paved the way for Trump

Zhang & Shi, Why Biden should abandon Trump’s trade war with China

Science & Technology / Ciencia & Tecnología

STRI, Visualice lo invisible

The Guardian, Wikipedia at 20

The Intercept, MD who joined Capitol attack campaigns against COVID-19 vaccine

BBC, WhatsApp changes: Signal platform goes down as downloads surge

Bernardo & Iborra Martín, No más dudas sobre las vacunas: lo que debe saber

STRI, Scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations

The next school year will start, online, on March 1. One of the announcements posted on Twitter by the Ministry of Education – probably unwittingly – says a profound lot about the state of the Cortizo administration. With WHOM did they say they met? “Our authorities.” Not the teachers’ unions. Not the owners of the private schools. Not the parents’ groups. Neither the telecommunications companies nor various activists concerned about extending the reach of Internet services in rural areas. It’s an administration looking inward to a shrinking base rather than reaching out. MEDUCA tweet.

News / Noticias

La Estrella, Sala Tercera niega pretensiones del estado y favorece a Waked

FOCO, BNP denuncia que la Estrella publicó un fallo que no había sido notificado

La Prensa: Un extraño, un maletín y los comicios del Comité Olímpico

La Prensa, Proclaman a Damaris Young

Yahoo News, Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot

Daily Poster, The slush fund bankrolling the insurrectionist GOP

The Verge, The threats that made Amazon drop Parler

USA Today, Extremists hatch Inauguration Day violence in dark reaches of the web

ABC, NRA files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

From out of the ranks of Panamanian television came Gaby Gnazzo, who in addition to her career as an entertainer and news commentator is now one of Panama’s more astute activists and social critics. Here she takes on both the government’s information control games and the mainstream journalists who put up with them to preserve their privileged access to ever less. Gaby Gnazzo Twitter tweet.

Opinion / Opiniones

Hightower, Timeless truths for these trying times

Stiglitz, Whither America?

Akehurst, The public should regulate Silicon Valley – not the other way around

Guerrero & Norris, We must name and confront the threat of the white mob

Torres-Spelliscy, How the Capitol riot is affecting corporate political spending

AI / ICJ / WOLA / HRW / Conectas, End Venezuela’s attacks on free expression

López, Preparan ‘Pacto de Gamboa II’

Bernal, Respeto al debido proceso

Guillén, Rumbo al Bicentenario

Blades, Una opinión

Turner, La privacidad es poder

Culture / Cultura

El Siglo: Tras cuestionamientos, José Ricardo Muñoz se despide de la televisión

The Guardian, Marianne Faithfull: ‘I was in a dark place. Presumably it was death’

Patrimonio Cultural, Descubriendo La Antigua Costa Atlantica de Panamá


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