Physicians for Shapiro, What you ought to know about Mehmet Oz

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About Dr. Oz

by Physicians for Shapiro — @docsforshapiro

Physicians in PA would like to tell the public a few things about Mehmet Oz.

Things that haven’t been reported in the press enough, but should matter to all of us.

Did you know Oz has had MAJOR financial conflicts of interests with pharma, including opioid manufacturers?

Example: remember the drug that didn’t work for COVID19, known as hydroxychloroquine? Yeah, he made money from that and kept it on the DL.

Not good for a doctor.

Did you know that Oz has had so many ethical lapses that his medical colleagues at Columbia wrote a letter protesting his affiliation? And that Columbia eventually dropped him?

Check it out.

How about the fact that Oz has promoted MANY products as “miracle cures” on his shows that had absolutely ZERO scientific evidence?

Media, why aren’t you asking about that? Seems like honesty is an important issue for senate candidates.

How about the fact that Oz said uninsured people have “no right to healthcare”.

Maybe some uninsured Pennsylvanians would like to know about this. Seems important.

Oz also earned a rare rebuke from the highly respected magazine Scientific American, which ran a piece saying that he shouldn’t be a doctor, let alone a senator.

Strong stuff coming from academics. Read and weep.

We implore the media to hold Oz accountable for his record. He is running from it, but we doctors know better.

If he is elected, Pennsylvanians will suffer. He has shown he doesn’t care about their health.


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