The Panama News blog links, September 14, 2015

The ACP is sending a team abroad in search of financing for the Atlantic Side bridge, estimated to cost $366 million.

The Panama News blog links, September 14, 2015

Video, Valeria Ovando – Tu Fuerza de Mujer

PR, Fitch rates ACP bonds

ANP, Canal de Panamá prepara emisión en el mercado bursátil

Alaska Dispatch News, Arctic prepares for possible cruise ship emergencies

Marine Log, Weathernews beefs up polar routing capabilities

Perth Now, Australians detain Panama-flag bulk carrier over labor abuses

Ship & Bunker, AMP and local players differ about bunker fuel sales

InSight Crime, Why Panama remains a money laundering haven

El Confidencial, Pujol Jr. transfirió coimas a una fundación panameña

Prensa Latina, Panama president ends visit to Cuba

E&N, Panamá y Cuba tendrían tratado para proteger inversiones

PR, Fitch: Slower growth in Panama little cure for bank imbalances

SeeNews Renewables, Entropy buys three solar plants in Panama

Blue & Green, S&P: climatic perils are likely to intensify

Video, Surfeando en la calle en Panamá

Outbreak News Today, SENAFRONT agent dies of equine encephalitis

STRI, Butterfly extinctions on Barro Colorado Island

Discovery News, Genetic islands are stranding big animals

Herzog, Meet the new National Geographic and weep

Video, Es hora de actuar sobre desechos sólidos en Bocas del Toro

CIP Americas, The experts’ Ayotzinapa report

WOLA deplores Leopoldo López conviction and sentence

TeleSur, The distorted “democracy” of Leopoldo López

Weisbrot, US diplomacy experiment with Venezuela runs into trouble

Ishmael, The Guyana-Venezuela border dispute

Orkin, Policing the US-Mexico border with public relations

Eyes on Trade, TPP: What’s to celebrate?

Elías, Vida y muerte del TISA en Uruguay

Video, Chile marks Latin America’s 9/11

Video, Victor Jara – Manifiesto

Beluche, Guatemala: una victoria democrática contra la corrupción

BBC, Police seek to question ex-president Lula

Borton & Nguyen, China and the deep blue sea

Cole, US and Israeli temptations to ally with al-Qaeda in Syria

Video, More than a million people rally in Barcelona for Catalan independence

France24, Tens of thousands join London pro-refugee march

Vice, Debunking those anti-refugee memes

Simpson, Acerca de los refugiados sirios

Boff, ¿Estos no son seres humanos, hermanos y hermanas nuestros?

Vatican Radio, Pope laments false friendships and fundamentalism

Video, The last surviving 9/11 rescue dog

Video, Hero Dogs of 9/11

Greenwald, US human rights jargon

Gandásegui, Los nuevos (o los mismos viejos) dueños de Panamá


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