The Panama News blog links, September 5, 2015

His name was Aylan Kurdi. The home town his family fled, Kobane in northern Syria, had been turned into a war zone. Photo distributed by Reuters.

The Panama News blog links, September 5, 2015

Video, Patricia Vlieg – Cabanga

IHS Maritime 360, ACP says locks repair to take a month

Indian Country, Indigenous Rama among 15,000 protesting Nicaragua canal

Video, Shippers look to grab a piece of Northwest Passage

STRATFOR, United States stakes its Arctic claim

The Guardian, Obama seeks to close icebreaker gap

Christian Science Monitor, Chinese Navy was in the Bering Sea

Discovery, Summer sea ice likely to drop to 4th lowest on record

PR, Copa hits 52-week low after JPMorgan Chase downgrade

ANP, Siete potenciales compradores para Banco Universal

ThinkProgress, Wikipedia extortion scam

MexicoBlog, Remittances from USA more important than oil for Mexico

Rogoff, The art of capital flight

Allsports, Panama ousts Brazil in FIBA Americas play

SBS, Stuani’s late header clinches Uruguay win over Panama

Blades, Alonso Edward

TVN, FBI investiga firma vinculada a Martinelli

Prensa Latina, Nuevas revelaciones sobre red de corrupción en Panamá

Video, Panameños exigen eliminación de privilegios de impunidad

Simpson, No a la ley súper blindaje

Gandásegui, La criminalización de la protesta social

Targ, Where should the peace movement stand on Iran?

Video, Guatemala’s Pérez Molina in court

TeleSur, Will corruption take down more US allies in Latin America?

Otramérica, Presidentas en el punto de mira

Barron’s, Three experts on Brazil and its currency weakness

Achtenberg, Bolivia’s attack on NGOs

Tavara, One year after Ayotzinapa

Mongabay, Pope’s environmental message divides Peruvians

Amazon Watch, Canadian court rules against Chevron

Toronto Star, Conservative anti-Trudeau attack ad worked

AlterNet, Trump plays on common Republican racism

Abdul-Jabbar, The difference between Bernie and The Donald

Al Jazeera, Snowden hits back at Clinton and Trump

WVTM: Who is Kim Davis, clerk jailed over same-sex marriage?

STRATFOR, Europe rethinks the Schengen Agreement

Video, Picarones and Baleadas

Huffington Post, Enchanting Milagro

Billboard, Rubén Blades interview


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