The Panama News blog links, October 24, 2015


The Panama News blog links, October 24, 2015

gCaptain, Huge backlog of ships waiting to pass through the Panama Canal

ANP, Gobierno y ACP trabajan para dearrollar a la área canalera

Slate, Waiting for Nicaragua’s canal

ANP, Aeropuerto de Panamá ya piensa en tercera ampliación

GCR, China Construction breaks ground for Arraijan residential and university project

La Estrella, Golpes y gas pimienta en feria de empleo

Irish Examiner, Cable & Wireless Panama may be bought by Liberty Global

Gandásegui, Desigualdad y distribución de la riqueza

Prensa Latina, Banco Mundial señaló agudos contrastes en Panamá

Xinhua, Banco Mundial expecta crecimiento de 6% parar economía panameña

Gallagher, The World Bank’s second chance in South America

AP, IMF says China slowdown likely to put Latin America into recession

Eyes on Trade, 75+ US groups say USTR must end TTIP/TAFTA secrecy

Dichter & Neira, Encuesta de Panamá en octubre (PDF)

Go Dan River, American pedophile suspect flees through here to Thailand

Prensa Latina, Possible money laundering in Panama dam projects

Loving Retirement in Panama: Yea, it kinda is your fault

Video: “Stephen,” Rick Wiles and their Panama “relocation” scheme

Wiles, “Project X”

STRI, Will there be a drought in Panama next year?

Bay News 9, New wheelchair brings wounded warrior back to the beach

Infection Control Today, Pilot implementation of malaria vaccine recommended

Yahoo News, Thomas Jefferson’s chemistry lab

WBTV, Catawba students learn about snakes in El Cope

AP, New secretary at Smithsonian Institution

Rome Reports, Pope’s concluding remarks at the family synod

Statesman, Texas kicks Planned Parenthood out of Medicad

Daily Beast, Cops beat man then charge him for blood on their uniforms

Dayen, Clinton attacking big banks but not BlackRock

Merlan, Angry old men calling a meeting to yell at a woman: a spectacular failure

Naiman, Anderson Cooper: opposing illegal CIA wars is “unelectable”

CBC, Trudeau pledges “real change” as Liberals win majority

TeleSur, Could a Liberal victory in Canada be a bonus for Latin America?

World Association for Public Opinion Research, Poll interviewers lynched in Mexico

BBC, Cuban artist jailed for mocking Castros is released

WOLA, Fighting corruption and impunity in Honduras

Colombia Informa, 1500 presos políticos en huelga de hambre

BBC, Venezuela Central Bank sues US-based DolarToday website

Dolph, Structural challenges underlie Argentina’s general elections

Johnston, Port-au-Prince murders a bad omen for Haiti’s election

Caribbean News Now!, St. Kitts minister: US arrest of Antiguan diplomat a warning

El Tiempo, María del Pilar Hurtado quiere que Panamá la indemnice

Focus Taiwan, Panama’s first lady

[Editor’s note: There are a couple of stories out there that might be expected in a summary like this, but which I decided to omit for now. Did the Venezuelan prosecutor say that Leopoldo López was framed and flee for his life? How reliable was that statement, how complete and what were the motives? The media that are running with that ball have a long record of bad reporting about Venezuela, so let’s wait and see how this one plays out. And then the ACP, not to date having definitively announced its opinion on the GUPC’s diagnosis of or solution for the leaking locks sill problem, is sending out invitations for an April 2016 opening. But quite frankly, not only is it a prospective statement but the ACP has been neither the most transparent nor the most reliable source. Again, let’s wait and see.]

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