The Panama News blog links, October 29, 2015


The Panama News blog links, October 29, 2015

Hellenic Shipping News, Northern routes and PanCanal to be major LNG lanes

CatholicPhilly, Church concerned about Nicaragua canal impact

AFP, Nicaragua: proyecto del canal es fuente de tensión social creciente

Sputnik, Russia ready to join Nicaragua canal construction

Democracy Now!, Thousands rally against Nicaragua canal

ESPN FC, Copa America soccer qualifiers here in January

BBC, Brazilian FIFA official to be extradited to the USA

Sporting News, New York indictments for Panama-based online gambling

Cuba News, Cuba and Panama want to expand economic ties

TeleSur, Panama’s teachers march

The Independent, UK paying millions in aid money to fund overseas tax havens

Street Report, Will Bancolombia slide continue?

MoneyMarketUK, BBVA fined for helping US tax cheats

Telemetro, Extienden periodo de plan de reorganización del Banco Universal

Business Standard, Finmeccanica bribery fugitive in Dubai

El Economista, Burbujas inmobiliarias amenazan al mundo

Slate, Vampire bats on a treadmill

Huffington Post, More bat species on endangered list

CBS Baltimore, Maryland zoo works to save Panama’s golden frogs

Fang, TV network lobbyists are working for Hillary Clinton

Truthdig, EU votes to offer Snowden protection

Video, Chomsky & Martin: Electing the president of an empire

Ryan, TI: Mideast and North African military corruption “critical”

BBC, Colombia offers FARC a bilateral truce

Gandásegui, Cuba le ganó a EEUU 191 a 2 en la ONU

Caribbean News Now!, UN votes 191-2 against the Cuba embargo

EFE: Venezuela, Ecuador y Panamá elegidos miembros del Consejo de DDHH

LaSusa, Giuliani in Rio

Paterson, Occupying the bridge between El Paso and Juarez

La Jornada, Sudamericanos en crisis

Mitchell, Prospects for Argentina’s runoff election

InSightCrime, Rising concerns over Panama’s new island prison

AP, Ally of Panama’s ex-president jailed



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