The Panama News blog links, March 26, 2016


The Brand New Testament will be showing at the Panama International Film Festival

The Panama News blog links, March 26, 2016

American Journal of Transportation, PanCanal opens scale model training facility

Logistics Management, June 26 opening set for canal expansion

ANP, Sorteo para el primer buque que transitará por las nuevas esclusas

Taipei Times, President-elect to give Panama Canal invitation priority

Business Insider, Beijing’s unhappy about invitation to China and Taiwan

Vice News, Ships bypassing both Suez and Panama due to cheap oil

Scout, Colombia ousts Panama in World Baseball Classic qualifier

Telemetro, Panamá rescata empate frente a Haití en Puerto Príncipe

Telemetro, ¿En qué consiste el Proyecto Colón Puerto Libre?

La Estrella, FMI recomienda reformar el fondo de pensiones

Fayetteville Observer, Vélez testifies about death of Panamanian woman

STRI, New golden frog species discovered in Colombia

Reuters, CDC urges waiting period before conception after Zika infection

Prensa Latina, Panamá: crecimiento económico vs muertes por tuberculosis, Ancient Panamanian treasures at a Toronto museum

Mongabay, Conservation dogs

Aumann, Beyond the Beaches of Bocas del Toro

Penn State News, Nursing and medical students in Panama medical brigade

Greenwald, Brazil engulfed by corruption — and a subversion of democracy

ABC, Portugal makes arrest in major Brazilian corruption probe

The Guardian, Massive raids in Petrobras / Odebrecht case in Brazil

COHA, Brazil’s compounding crisis

AFP: Políticos recibieron donaciones de Odebrecht, según planillas incautadas

Gulf News, Odebrecht may have damaging secrets to tell

TVN, Procurador solicita a Humbert que audite las obras de Odebrecht

Prensa Latina, Lawyer says Panama needs a new immigration law now

Right Wing Watch, Former GOP congressman threatens to move here

Stiglitz, The new generation gap

The Guardian, Che Guevara’s son on Obama in Cuba

Blades, Obama en Cuba

Indiewire, Panama: the next big country for Latin American films?

Video: How to make Jamaican Easter bun


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